January 4, 2013   14 notes

Do not say that to me.

This is just a list of things that people say to me that really piss me off, things you should not say to someone that is living with IBD.

" It’s not that serious. "

" You don’t look sick. "

" I totally understand, I have periods and I had the stomach flu."

" You’re so lucky your so skinny without doing anything."

" But you were okay yesterday. "

" You use your disease as an excuse, or attention. "

These are just some things that really make me tick when people say them to me, and i’m sure all of you with IBD can relate to these haha. If you have more be sure to comment! much love.

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    Or ‘Shes never ar school. She always says shes sick but i think she just doesnt wanna come.’ No. I am sick if i could...
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